Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Summer Professional Development: Discover Your Technology Learning Pathway

This summer the Instructional Technology Department will offer over 50 sessions on various topics during the 2 weeks of RRISD Summer Professional Development.   Courses include both technology skills and research-based applications in the classroom.

To help navigate these courses and help find the right fit for what you would like to learn, we have put together a Learning Pathways Guide.   The idea is that courses have been identified and groups based on skills and research it supports.  Learning Pathways have been identified for the following areas:

  • Google Productivity
  • Google in the Classroom
  • Flipped Classroom
  • First Year Teachers
  • Blended/Online Learning
  • Additional Classes

Once you have identified courses that interest you and meet your needs,  check out the RRISD PD Website for more information about presenters, dates, and times.   All courses are also available for registration through eCampus.